How to Use Pinterst to Drive Traffic to Your Website

“Pinning” is the latest verb and everyone’s doing it!  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard used to collect, organize and share images on-line. The concept is simple, lets say your a florist. You can create “boards” with titles like “Bridal Bouquets” or “Centerpieces” where you can “Pin” pictures of those items.  Similar to “Friending” on Facebook you can “Follow” other Pinners boards (or a single board) and “Like” or comment on other peoples pins.  Just like the “News Feed” in Facebook you can see the pins of all those that you follow and the comments you and others make on those pins.

By pinning pictures off your blog or website you create link backs to your site (Pinterest automatically links back to the source of the pin.). Let’s say you pin a picture of a boutonniere and someone following you “re-pins” it to their “Wedding inspirations board”.  This allows that person to go from the pin directly to your site or blog where they can then contact you.  A person doesn’t actually have to re-pin your pin to be linked back to your site (they can just click on the image)  but for the sake of showing you the potential of your simple pin becoming a part of someone’s “Dream wedding” board I added that.

Like other forms of social media the more you engage with your followers the more you get out of it.  Comment on the pictures of other Pinners and re-pin the ones you like.  Tweet a link to a particularly interesting pin or post a link to one of your boards on Facebook and invite others to follow it.

Pinterest is also a great way to collaborate with clients as well.  You can create a board and invite a client to follow it so they can see what you have in mind for their “Table Centerpieces”.  Or you can “share” the board which would allow a client to add images to the board also.  By investing just a few minutes a day to “Pinning” you have the potential to reach new clients and engage more frequently with the ones you already have.

Word of warning! Pinterest is not a place to advertise or self-promote. Your primary goal is to inspire your clients and create an interesting story with your pins. While, it’s totally acceptable to pin your own work, it’s also good to find outside inspiration too.

*You need an invite to join Pinterest so just leave your name and email address as a comment if you would like one or just send me your information via email at

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Do you use Pinterest? How has it helped your business?

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