Video Marketing: A Powerful Tool Your Business Should Be Using

Apple Brides is super excited to announce a new add-on to our current advertising packages, video tours!  Last year we started offering video tours for venues and now we’ve made that option available to all wedding businesses!  Show potential clients how you make the most beautiful cakes, perfect bouquets or host the most stunning weddings.

5 Reason Your Wedding Business Needs A Video:

  1. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. (Source: Mist Media)
  2. Video equals higher viewer retention. The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words. (Source: Brainshark)
  3. Blog posts incorporating video attract three times as many inbound links as blog posts without video. (Source: SEOmoz
  4. Having video on the landing page of your site makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google. (Source: Mist Media)
  5. About 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video. (Source: Eloqua)


Example Video:

(Video Courtesy Matt Green Films)

For just $650 you will have a beautifully shot video of your wedding business to share on your website, Facebook, etc.  Apple Brides will post your video as well!  Ask about our special offer for current Apple Brides advertisers.

Email Melissa at to schedule your venue or vendor video tour today!

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Weddings Inspired Northwest Conference


2015 Weddings Inspired Northwest Conference
*Inspire*, *Educate*, *Network*

It is time for the 2nd Annual WINW (Weddings Inspired Northwest) held in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, ID.  The area’s ONLY event of its kind specifically designed for Wedding, Event and Business Professionals.  We are so pleased and excited to welcome World Renowned, Premier Event Designer, Preston Bailey as our keynote speaker! In addition to Preston Bailey, we have an incredible lineup of speakers with a wide variety of inspiring, educational tips helpful for any business professional.

We all strive to grow our businesses but all too often the energy, desire and determination to focus time on that growth is lost in doing what we do best… creating the best experience for our customers.  So, are you taking care of you?  Are you investing time to educate yourself? Whether the answer to that question is no, maybe, or even yes, join us for the WINW event and be prepared to be Inspired, Educated and Network with some of the top industry experts.

In addition to regular, day of conference tickets we are offering a limited number of Preston Bailey Experience tickets.  These tickets include a hands on workshop with Preston Bailey Tuesday 4/14, a meet and greet with conference speakers AND your conference ticket for Wednesday 4/15.  Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by!


Visit us at and click on “Weddings Inspired” for more details about the conference and to purchase tickets. We can’t wait to see you there!

WINW is brought to you by Cameo Events and The Coeur d’Alene Resort


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I’m Going on Maternity Leave Starting Dec 15th!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I will be going on maternity leave starting Monday, December 15th!

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.24.02 PM

I’ve got some fabulous people lined up to help out while I am gone so things will be operating as usual around AB headquarters.

I will be checking my email periodically (as much as a newborn and busy toddler will allow!), but here is who you should contact for a quicker response:

For advertising and all other inquiries please contact

For editorial submissions contact

Thank you!



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Black Friday Deal Post!

We’ve done a special Black Friday post for the last couple years and it’s always been a great success for both our readers and the participating vendors!

So If you are kicking off engagement season with a Black Friday deal for Inland Northwest brides, send it our way!

Here is what we need:

1. Every deal needs a graphic/image stating what you’re offering and you must make your own image for your deal (images need to be at least 600 pixels wide and no more than 650 pixels tall). Images can be resized if they are larger than that. Your ad needs to be attractive, modern and strong editorially.

2. Your deal must be exclusive to the holiday season.

3. You need to be offering something that you don’t typically offer in your regular pricing and packages. It can be a discount, something extra or something that adds to the value of what you already offer, it cannot be something that is already included!

4. We need your deal by Friday, November 21st at 12pm. No exceptions!

*We have a limited number of ads we can fit in each category and ads will be posted at the editor’s discretion.*

You do NOT need to be an Apple Brides advertiser to participate!

Send your deal to!

PS Here’s last year’s Black Friday post if you want to see an example.

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10 Things to do BEFORE Engagement Season

Here’s a quick checklist to help get your business in tip top shape for engagement season!


Photo by Michael Fisk Photography.

1. Update your website.

Update your website with the newest photos of your work and get rid of any of the old or outdated ones. You should also write new text and be sure that your contact info and prices are up-to-date.

2. Link your social media.

Make sure you have clear links on your website to ALL your social media pages (including the more obscure ones like Linked In!), and make sure each social media page has a link back to your website.

3. Update social media.

Take some time to update your cover photos, your Pinterest board categories and profile text. Also make a goal to keep these page updated!

4. Organize your e-mail and computer.

If you’re anything like me, your computer and email can quickly become a disorganized mess. I like to take time each year to put things I don’t need anymore into folders that I can easily access but will be out of the way of my daily workflow. Same with email!

5. Gather testimonials.

Gather testimonials from last summer’s couples now while it’s still fresh in their minds. Firsthand experience is one of the very best ways to connect with potential clients! As the testimonials come in add them to your website.

6. Make a business budget.

Try to come up with an overall budget for the coming year. Try and think of everything you might need to spend money on in the next year i.e. new website, advertising costs, brochures, bridal fairs and any unexpected expenses that will inevitably come up.

7. Design new marketing materials.

Now is the time to update your brochures and marketing materials with your most current work. Most of these things should be changed every year.

8. Check your Apple Brides listing.

We do our best to keep your listing on Apple Brides up to date, but sometimes we don’t know if you’ve changed your website url or any other info so it’s a good idea to double check from time to time. Also, be sure and schedule your sponsored posts, the prime engagement season months fill up quickly!

9. Have Clear Goals

Where do you want your business to be in a year? How many weddings do you want to book in 2015? How much are you hoping to make? Ask yourself these questions and write some clear (realistic) goals and include steps to reach them.

10. Utilize Apple Brides!

In a recent reader survey (asking over 100 brides) we learned that most brides spend several weeks and months BEFORE they are engaged checking Apple Brides. Apple Brides is the busiest wedding resource in the Inland Northwest. We offer vendors the chance to reach their target market (i.e. brides and grooms in the Inland NW) at the best possible price, using proven methods that give you the most direct access to your potential clients. Here are some things to consider:

  • 93% of brides use the internet to plan their wedding.
  • 71% of brides use local websites and magazines as opposed to national sites and magazines.
  • We average 40,000 page views per week.
  • Average of 9,500 unique visitors a week.
  • 87% of brides say they are more likely to trust the quality of a vendor if they are on Apple Brides.
  • 80% of our readers say Apple Brides is one of their main resources for finding their vendors
  • Our prices are below standard magazine, newspaper and bridal fair fees.

If you’re interested in advertising, please contact Melissa at

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Venue Video Tours!

Apple Brides is super excited to announce that we are now offering venue video tours!

We’ve have teamed up with the talented Matt Green Films to offer video shorts that will showcase your venue to potential brides and grooms.  The perfect addition to your website and social media outlets!

These HD video shorts will include cinematic footage of your venue’s exterior and interior mixed with music. You will also have an opportunity to tell potential clients, in your own words, why your venue is the perfect place to say “I do”!

Take a look at this video Matt recently shot for Quail Run Ranch.

In addition to a video tour for your website, Facebook, etc, Apple Brides will feature your video on the site.  For just $600.00 these videos are ideal to kick start bookings over the engagement season.

Email Melissa at to book your venue video tour today!

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How to Get More Views on Your Facebook Posts: My Latest Discovery

Anyone with a business facebook page knows how hard it is these days to get your fans to see your posts. It’s frustrating that after years of building Facebook audiences that it is so incredibly difficult to actually reach them!

I am always looking for new ways to improve Apple Bride’s reach on Facebook and the last couple weeks I’ve been trying something new. It’s pretty simple and maybe most business owners already know it, but I thought I would share it anyways!

Quick Tip For Getting More Fans to See your Facebook Posts!

First of all, we find that uploading a picture instead of a just posting a link always gets a better response (you can still post the link in the status box, but load your picture first). And the last couple weeks, instead of just loading one picture we’ve been loading 2 or 3, and we are finding that the post is seen by WAY more people i.e. double, sometimes triple the usual number.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.30.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.32.04 PM

Obviously, the same Facebook rules apply. You want the pictures to be editorial and interesting and without too many words or graphics (Facebook doesn’t like photos with over 20% text). Posts that are more punchy and captivating are always going to do better.

Give it a try for a couple weeks and see if you get the same results as we did!

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Win a Video Tour for your Venue!

Our readers have asked for it and we are giving you the chance to give them what they want!

Apple Brides is super excited to announce that we are now offering venue video tours! 

We have teamed up with the talented Matt Green of Matt Green Films to offer video shorts that will showcase your venue to potential brides and grooms.  The perfect addition to your website and social media outlets!


These HD video shorts will include cinematic footage of your venue’s exterior and interior mixed with music.  You will also have opportunity to tell potential clients, in your own words, why your venue is the perfect place to say “I do”!

To celebrate our collaboration with Matt Green Films we are giving away a FREE venue video tour to one of our current venue advertisers.

For your chance to win just email info@applebrides .com the following:  

  • A link to your website
  • Why you think your venue should win the video
  • How it will improve your marketing

Please send your entry by July 22nd

Good Luck!

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We’ve made some changes at Apple Brides: Here’s why!

You might have noticed some changes around Apple Brides the last couple months. I just wanted to take a minute to explain these new aspects of AB, our reasons for doing them and how it might (or might not) affect you. But first, here are two things I think you should know…

1. Readers come first. The top priority of Apple Brides is, and has always been, to be a resource for couples planning a wedding in the Inland Northwest. This is at the heart of every decision we make because our readers are the lifeblood of our business (i.e. without them, we can’t send you business!).

 2. I am a small business owner. Just like you (or most of you). I am always trying to balance staying true to our core values, and at the same time growing and expanding my business. I know most of you will understand this. When should I raise my rates? How do I keep up with growth while still offering the same value to my customers? And (even though we don’t mention it often)…how do I increase my bottom line?

All this to say, that with every change we make on the site, I always keep these two things in mind.

Some changes you might have noticed:

1. We’ve expanded!

We launched our Central/Eastern Washington (i.e. Walla Walla, tri Cities, Yakima, etc) directory a couple months ago. It should be said that we’ve always featured weddings from this area ever since Apple Brides began, but now we are making a point to post regular features and vendor posts to grow our reader base there (about once a week).

So how does this affect you? It expands the audience that hear about your brand! By focusing on this region we hope to open the market even more to our advertisers. It also means that you can be listed in both directories (contact for more info).

Apple Brides is successful because we have focused on staying local. We believe this area of Washington is still our “local community” (in that a bride from Yakima could book a photographer from Spokane or visa versa). We’ve also grown our team to be sure we are still serving both areas with the same standard of quality!

2. Google ads

Some of you may have noticed that some of our posts now have Google ads displayed at the top, this is something we’ve never done before. Before I delve into why we did this, I just want to clarify one key point:

Google ads are only on posts older than 14 days and they do not appear in the directory. We did this so that when your sponsored post or wedding goes up (which is when it receives the most traffic) it is still all about you and your business. We also want the directory to be easy for local brides to use and also focused on our INW vendors. Most of the traffic our older posts receive is from national readers.

The reason we decided to incorporate national advertising on old posts is because as Apple Brides has grown so have the costs to run it and so has our national audience. A couple of our posts have gone viral so it seemed like a good way to keep our local advertising costs down and also a way to increase revenue. We’ve had the Google ads up for about a month now and have kept a close eye on any changes in the way local ads perform, we have seen no change and are confident this will not impact your advertising.

If you still have questions, comments or concerns, I would love to hear from you. As fellow business owners, I know you all understand how important every client is, which is why I value every single one of you. You can email me anytime at

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Apple Brides Advertising Sale!


Photo by Katie Campbell Photography

Get 10% off Year and 6 Month advertising packages!

We rarely do advertising sales (especially marked off by this much!) so if you’ve been thinking about getting on Apple Brides, now is the time!

Here are some quick facts about us:

  • Busiest wedding resource in the Inland Northwest.
  • We average over 5,400 unique visitors per day.
  • 98,000 Spokane/Cd’A area visitors a month.
  • Almost 3,000 Facebook fans.
  • First page rankings for most wedding related Google searches for Spokane/Cd’A
  • Voted best local blog by KREM 2 in 2011 and 2013
  • Top 10 Regional Wedding Blogs in RangeFinder Magazine

Local brides use Apple Brides to find their vendors, let us help you reach them!

This sale ends next Thursday, April 3rd, so act fast!

Email Melissa at for more information!

*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability. Sale packages must be paid in full.*

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